India’s Lake District


Kumaon is known as the Lake District of India, and for no less reason for it has hidden in its lap many lakes, the most well known of which are listed below:

Nainital Lake is kidney shaped natural freshwater body and is one of the four famous Lakes of Kumaon hills in the Nainital district. The lake and the surroundings are rich in flora,Aqua fauna and Avifauna, also offers panoramic view of seven hills.

The Bhimtal Lake is the largest lake in the only real lake district of India and there is an island at the centre of the lake. Named after Bhim – the second Pandava from Mahabharata, it is believed that Pandavas came here during their Vanvaas or exile. In the middle of the Bhimtal lake is an island that now houses a small aquarium. You can take a boat ride to the island to visit the aquarium.

Naukuchiatal Lake of Kumaon Hills is also known as lake of nine corners and is the deepest of all the lakes in the Nainital region. As per legends, Naukuchiatal is associated with Lord Brahma with a temple dedicated to him. The lake is surrounded by hills covered in trees and shrubs and the enchanting valley offers one with the tempting challenges like paragliding, fishing, rowing, paddling or yachting. Lotus Pond at Naukuchiatal – Kumaon FYI, there is a small lotus pond next to Naukuchiatal.

Sattal is a cluster of seven interconnected freshwater lakes near Bhimtal. These lakes are:

1 Hanuman Lake
2 Ram Lake
3 Sita Lake
4 Lakshman Lake
5 Bharat Lake
6 Garuda Lake
7 Nal Damyanti Lake

As is evident from the names of these lakes, it is believed that Ram, Lakshman & Sita came here during their exile.

Located about 2 km or so from Bhimtal is this small but sacred lake called – Nal Damyanti Lake. It is said that the Nal of Nal-Damyanti story was lost here near this lake.

The lakes situated at an altitude of 1370 metres below in the Mehragaon valley of the Lower Himalayan Range and paradise for migratory birds.