Kuleti Forest

Duration: Half Day

Distance: 7 km (Return)

Cost: Rs 2,000 (+18% GST) per room (guide + tea)
Optional: Rs 700 (+18% GST) per person (lunch)


Distance: The trek begins 1 km from Soulitude. This can be done on foot as it is a road walk to the point from which the forest begins. Alternately, arrangements can be made to reach the drop off/pick up point by car. The forest trek is 2.5 km one way.

Time: From the drop off point, and back to it, this trek would take a maximum of 2 hour.

Rating: It is a must do. Relatively easy on the foot, it is a comfortable walk with Nature putting up its very best show. The flora and fauna and an occasional sighting of a a barking deer may make this humble trek well worth the effort! Post breakfast or post lunch is a good time for doing this trek.



Experiences: Kuleti Forest