Soulitude in Blogs

27 Mar: The new corner office overlooks a valley

The hills are no longer just a getaway. We find out how people are making it possible to live and manage a career out of these areas. Multiple excel spreadsheets open, fingers taut on the keyboard in readiness and eyes darting from diary notes to the computer screen.

24 Jan: Five perfect winter getaways

A roaring fireplace, warm quilts, and perhaps a sprinkling of snow—if this is your idea of a magical winter getaway, we have you covered. Lose the bustle of the city in these boutique hotels where peace and quiet reign supreme.

09 Oct: A place to get some solitude for your soul

There are a lot of hotels which are very good but very few which end up leaving a lasting impression after we’ve left. Soulitude was one of the latter. As a hotel it does not boast of 5 star amenities, or of long lost heritage mid 17th century palaces. It is simply what its name suggests, a place to get some solitude for your soul.