When to Visit

Soulitude by the Riverside is an evergreen destination! Since each season has it’s own charm, anytime is a perfect time to visit us!

Winters (December to February)

The river looks at its magnificent best at this time, with luxurious flows of the crystal clear waters.

Winters are a paradox – till about 3pm one can be out in the most brilliant sunshine with just a light layer almost every day (usually no clouds, except when snowfall is expected, and certainly no Delhi smog). Once the sun moves away, however, it is time to move indoor and grab a cosy seat next to a roaring fire. The rooms are well equipped with electric blankets, fireplaces and electric room heaters.

TEMP: Night›  0C / Day › 20C
CLOTHING: Night – Heavy woolens, caps, thermals / Day – Dress in layers, light/no woolens. Comfortable walking/trekking shoes.

Spring (March & April)

March and April is when Nature springs back to life. The chill of the winters is over and the farm comes to life and fruit trees begin to blossom. The river views in March are still good enough to take your breath away.

TEMP: Night›  10C / Day › 25C
CLOTHING: Night – Medium woolens / Day – light/no woolens. Comfortable walking/trekking shoes.

Summers (May & June)

The Summers see the greening of the hillsides and the farms are full of produce and the trees are laden with fruits. You may treat yourself to the organic produce straight from the fields. The river flow reduces as the summer approaches and the local farms start to draw the water for irrigation. The evening weather is really pleasant.

TEMP: Night›  20C / Day › 30C / Midday › 35C
CLOTHING: Night – No/Light jacket / Day – shirts, t-shirts, shorts. Comfortable walking/trekking shoes.

Monsoons (July to September)

The monsoon showers bathe the hills in the most vibrant shades of green. It is almost magical to see the clouds flowing down the mountain-sides into the surrounding valleys. The river is in full spate and waterfalls are visible everywhere. During rains, the alternate trek through the pine forests will entail a steep uphill climb for 30-45 minutes on the return journey.

TEMP: Night›  15C / Day › 25C
CLOTHING: Night – light woolens, wind/rain gear / Day – Dress in layers, wind/rain gear/ shirts, t-shirts, shorts. Full sleeves gear & multiple pairs of quick-dry socks as well as walking/trekking shoes.

Autumn (October & November)

This is an excellent time of the year to visit. The evergreen trees on the hillsides are still amply green after the rain and the farm gets ready for the new sowing. The river flow is spectacular, as the rain water recedes and the clarity of the spring water begins to return.

TEMP: Night›  10C / Day › 25C
CLOTHING: Night – light woolens / Day – light/no woolens. Comfortable walking/trekking shoes.


Chanfi enjoys great climate through the year – mists of the monsoon, warm sunshine of the winters, blossoms of spring and cool river breeze in the summer. With clean crisp air, the star studded skies and eternal flow of the Kalsa – Chanfi is a place where one can truly appreciate Nature at its best. Chanfi’s weather remains pleasant throughout most of the year. Summer temperatures can peak at around 35 degrees Celsius, but it usually feels hot only for 2-3 hours when the sun is overhead. Even in the summer, evenings can be quite cool due to the constant river breeze. The rooms are equipped with fans and air coolers, for your comfort.