Spring Waters

Duration: Half Day

Distance: 1 km (Return)

Cost: Rs 2,000 (+18% GST) per room (guide + tea)
Optional: Rs 700 (+18% GST) per person (lunch)


Just beyond the gates of Soulitude, across the river followed by a short walk on the local village path through a heavily wooded area is a clearing with a small water spring that drains into a small pond. Since this spring is the source of potable water for the village, may we kindly request our guests to refrain from littering this space or indulging in any water activity. Those interested in bird watching, may like to venture further into the forest to view owls perched on the trees there.

Distance: The round trip to this fresh water Spring and back is about a kilometre.

Time: A short trek, it should not take more than 0.5 hour one way.

Rating: Since the trek is more or less on flat ground, it is relatively easy and do-able by most. This little trek could be done anytime of the day, except when the sun is overhead during the warmer months.



Spring Waters