A Day in Chanfi Village

Duration: Full Day

Distance: 3.0 km

Cost: : Rs 1,800 per person (village guide + lunch + tea)


A full day Chanfi village experience with visits to local homes, tea or lunch ( depending on the time of the day ), walk through local marketplace and visit an old water-mill still at work.

Day in the Village – is a also just that! Spend a day exploring village Chanfi and the life of the simple village folk. Post breakfast, this outing starts at the Jhula Pul, an old suspension bridge built by the British over 200 years ago. Why this bridge was built is open to conjecture and an insightful perspective on this is to be gained from speaking to the villagers. As you walk through this little hamlet, the guide will point out interesting details of kumaoni homes that are common architectural practices in the hills. Enjoy a cup of tea at the local Dhaba as you interact with the locals to appreciate their simple, yet hardy lifestyle. Lunch with a local family, who will take you into their home and hearth and share you a simple home cooked kumaoni meal. After lunch, a visit the local basket weavers – known as ringaal work after which one can head back to the property. Witness the workings of a ‘Pan – Chakki’ – a water run mill used by the villagers to grind grain into flour and collect some ‘atta’ for rotis in the evening. Enroute, you can also buy some farm fresh fruits and vegetables from the villagers who set up a small Mandi in the evening to sell off their day’s produce. This will be especially prepared for you by our chef as a part of the dinner.


A Day in Chanfi Village