Day visit to Soulitude by the Riverside

Duration: Full Day

Distance: 25 km

Cost: Rs 1,800 per person (hikes + lunch + tea) + taxi charges


If you are Soulitude and you do not go to Parital for a trek, then it is something that you are bound to regret for a long time to come! So, put on your trekking shoes and firm up your spirit and prepare yourself to see something that is going to have a profound effect – a pristine lake hidden in the hilly terrains, with rocks and boulders standing guard over the clear emerald pool, no less! Fed by a glacial stream that descends into this Lake in the form of a water fall, sliding in from one side, Parital has a mesmerising effect on its viewer. Tucked away, as if deliberately, by Nature to preserve its untouched natural beauty, Parital is accessible only through Soulitude. And we have done our best to keep it that way. Pure and Sacred!



Experiences: Day visit to Soulitude by the Riverside

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