The Mystical Lake

Duration: Half Day

Distance: 2 km (Return)

Cost: Rs 2,000 (+18% GST) per room (guide + tea)
Optional: Rs 700 (+18% GST) per person (lunch)

Duration: Full Day

Distance: 2 km (Return)

Cost: Rs 3,500 (+18% GST) per room (guide + tea +
An experience of Day by the Riverside)
Optional: Rs 700 (+18% GST) per person (lunch)


If you are Soulitude and you do not go to Parital for a trek, then it is something that you are bound to regret for a long time to come! So, put on your trekking shoes and firm up your spirit and prepare yourself to see something that is going to have a profound effect – a pristine lake hidden in the hilly terrains, with rocks and boulders standing guard over the clear emerald pool, no less! Fed by a glacial stream that descends into this Lake in the form of a water fall, sliding in from one side, Parital has a mesmerising effect on its viewer. Tucked away, as if deliberately, by Nature to preserve its untouched natural beauty, Parital is accessible only through Soulitude. And we have done our best to keep it that way. Pure and Sacred!

The trek, a short but very adventurous one involves walking on village paths, crossing the river as well as navigating between boulders on the dry parts of the river as well as a spot of rock climbing to reach this little gem!

FYI, the lake gets is name from an old local belief that on a full moon day, fairies descend there and dance to the Nature’s orchestra!
May we kindly request our guests not to litter this space as well its pristine surroundings and to note that any kind of activity in the Lake’ waters, including swimming or a quick dip is strictly prohibited.

Distance: The approximate distance to Parital is 1Km.

Time: The round trip would take about an hour, including time one would want to spend at Parital, quietly in awe of the beautiful lake and it’s unusual surroundings.

Rating: Totally unmissable, most people who visit the riverside, make a mandatory trek to Parital, including children who enjoy all the nimble footed rock climbing involved in the trek. However, this may not be ideally suitable for the elderly, though some undaunted souls have braved it for its unique beauty and setting.

Anytime is a good time to do the trek, except in the slightly warmer months when the sun is overhead. Also the river levels play an important part in how easy or difficult this trek is, so please use your discretion before deciding who can do this trek on the particular day. During monsoons, once the river levels rise, this trek is prohibited.



The Mystical Lake