Travel Conditions

Both the Soulitude Retreats are located in naturally isolated environs and have a generous land to room ratio. While Soulitude has always kept excellent hygiene standards, we have enhanced them in accordance with the best practices and Health & Safety guidelines issued by our government & WHO. In addition, we feel that effective infection control is a partnership between Soulitude and its guests. Obviously, having hospital grade sanitation can’t guarantee an infection free environment if one of the asymptomatic guests walks-in with it. Therefore, the main objective of Soulitude’s safety bubble is to protect our guests and staff.  Soulitude guests appreciate our Safety Bubble and would not like to stay at places where there could be an undetected asymptomatic guest in the next room unknowingly spreading infection.

Prior to confirming your reservation, please note the following Soulitude’s safety bubble restrictions that will apply for your visit to Soulitude.

  • The final Covid vaccination certificate (both doses, minimum 15 days older) of all members will be required for staying at Soulitude. For guests who are single dosed or are not vaccinated at all, an RT-PCR COVID negative test report (not older than 72 hrs) will be required. The reports/certificates are to be submitted via email 1 day prior to check-in.
  • An updated Aarogya Setu application on the mobile is mandatory.
  • No drivers or non-residential visitors will be allowed in the premises.
  • While on walks & treks, Guests are advised to stay away from local homes keeping in mind their apprehensions about the potential spread via city dwellers. They are strongly advised not to risk visiting public spaces, markets & crowded touristy areas in their own interest and that of fellow residents.
  • Triple occupancies are not allowed, unless it is an immediate family member (children / parents).
  • Guests are required to wear masks outside their rooms and maintain Social distancing from other guests & staff.

Please click here to visit the “Our Safety” section on the website.

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