How to apply for traveling to Uttarakhand

Please click on the link below for Covid Registration on Government of Uttarakhand official website.

“Please see the information in the sample form below that you will require regarding your reservation at Soulitude to complete the form”

A. 1 Covid Registration is required per vehicle (not per traveller). The applicant’s documentation is required to be attached to this application, and number of Co-travellers (in addition to the applicant) must be mentioned in Point 21 of the form, and all their names & details must be entered in the table below it.

B. The form requires Hotel Room no and the following Room No.s correlate with the Room Names @ Soulitude

Soulitude in the Himalayas
Block: Ramgarh, Gram Panchayat: Jhutiya,
Village: Jhutiya, District: Nainital,

Room Numbers & Names @ Soulitude in the Himalayas

Room 1 : Blessed
Room 2 : Awakening
Room 3: The Master’s Touch
Room 4 : The Secret Garden
Room 5 : Quietude
Room 6 : Peace
Room 7 : Bliss
Room 8 : Joy
Room 9 : Delight
Room 10 : Celebration
Room 11 : Nirvana

Soulitude by the Riverside
Block: Dhari, Gram Panchayat: Panyali,
Village: Panyali, District: Nainital

Room Numbers & Names @ Soulitude by the Riverside

Room 1 : Shant
Room 2 : Sahaj
Room 3 : Sum
Room 4 : Poorna
Room 5 : Prafful
Room 6 : Yukta
Room 7 : Mukta

C. Point 24 of the Form requires a Hotel Booking Receipt in .jpg / .jpeg / .png : Please take a screen shot of your confirmation email stating the deposit payment, booking details and personal details for this purpose.