Category: Deluxe Double   |   Location: Village Home

Max Occupancy : 2 1

Key Features

  • Village Home
  • Skylight

Sahaj overlooks the lush green farm and the citrus trees, and its ‘pièces de résistance’ is the natural rock formation within its bathroom. It is situated within the 1930’s village home that has been restored using traditional methods and with the addition of all modern comforts without compromising the authenticity. It radiates a vibrant earthy appeal and has been decorated in true rustic style with mud plastered walls, old click switches, lantern lights and vintage-style furniture. The 360-degree view of the imposing hills all around, also seen through its skylights, is sure to fill you with a sense of awe!

Sahaj is a part of the 3 bedroom home with its own living room (with a TV). It is suitable for families who require up to 3 connected rooms on the same floor, and for those looking to stay in an authentic village home.

What’s in a Name ?

The names of the rooms at Soulitude by the Riverside are based on the qualities of an ideal human being. They are:

Shant (Desireless) – At peace with life as it is … and no desire to change anything whatsoever.

Sum (Balanced) – Meets both dualities with equanimity … neither clinging to one, nor escaping from the other.

Sahaj (Simple) – Lives life in a simple and natural way.

Poorna (Complete) – Willing to experience all that life has to offer … the good as well as the bad.

Prafful (Blossoming) – Remains pleasant & cheerful despite conflicts of life

Yukta (Yoga) – Goes with the flow of life

Mukta (Free) – Is Free from attachments

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