Category: Junior Suite   |   Location: Cottage A

Max Occupancy : 2 1

Key Features

  • Garden
  • Inside-Outside Bathroom

Poorna opens out to the gardens facing the river and has an indoor-outdoor bathroom, with an outdoor rain shower and hand-pump for traditional bathing . It is a part of the 2 bedroom octagonal Cottage that has been decorated in rustic-style with old-world red concrete floors, old click switches and vibrant furnishings. Though recently made, everything is designed to look dated, fitting into the village ambience and reminiscent of the years gone by.

It can be paired with Prafful on the first floor if 2 rooms are required nearby.

What’s in a Name ?

The names of the rooms at Soulitude by the Riverside are based on the qualities of an ideal human being. They are:

Shant (Desireless) – At peace with life as it is … and no desire to change anything whatsoever.

Sum (Balanced) – Meets both dualities with equanimity … neither clinging to one, nor escaping from the other.

Sahaj (Simple) – Lives life in a simple and natural way.

Poorna (Complete) – Willing to experience all that life has to offer … the good as well as the bad.

Prafful (Blossoming) – Remains pleasant & cheerful despite conflicts of life

Yukta (Yoga) – Goes with the flow of life

Mukta (Free) – Is Free from attachments