Birding at Soulitude


This area in general, especially the riverside is an orinthologists delight. Host to a large number of species of birds, this region along with Panghot is a must do on every birders list.

Accompanied by a local birding expert, who can be booked for you this could be one birding trail that serious birds watchers may not want to miss. Depending on the season, one may be lucky enough to spot many star birds on the properties itself. With the help of Birders, who have previously visited us, we have compiled a list of the many species that can be spotted here. A couple of copies of ‘THE BIRDS OF THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT’ by Inskipp which is a Birder’s Bible, is available with us which can be borrowed on a birding trail. So whether you are serious birder or an accidental one, the many varieties of our feathered friends and their enthralling birdsongs are more than likely to seize your heart and imagination for the while that you are seeking and searching for them out!