14 Apr: “A beautiful riverside getaway close to Nainital”

Reviewe 14 April 2013 Thatsmenikhil New York City, New York. Nestled in a valley in Chamfi village (Nainital) on the banks of Kalsa river, this beautiful property is a testament to Manish’s (the owner) passion. His attention to detail and vision towards creating a world class experience has resulted in this getaway that offers luxurious comforts wrapped in a rustic Himalayan setting. On a short trip to India from New York, I was glad that Soulitude by the Riverside was…

20 Mar: Fairy tale

March 20, 2010 Fairy tale pop-up house! @ Ramgarh Soulitude,at Ramgarh, a quaint hill station near Nanital. It’s a pop up house out of the’cindrella’ story or any fairy tale book which I read when I was a kid. Warm, colorful, yellow tea kettle on the fire place in room, the other room sporting a pink one, skylights in rooms and some loos to lie in bed and watch the stars and trees in the night. I don’t have words……

28 Nov: Quiet nice!

November, 2008 Quiet nice! The only Ramgarh we had heard of till then, was the fictitious town in the classic Sholay where Gabbar met his nemesis. So when Manish decided that he, a seasoned investment banker, would make his home here, we all had our doubts… Read the Full story