Learn Dhaba Style Cooking


Spend an hour with our chef at the Dhaba and learn how to make one of our signature dishes – or perhaps something that you have personally enjoyed eating at our retreat.

Or make that perfect cup of Masala chai. Experiment with flavouring this brand of cooked tea with whole spices and herbs freshly picked from the farm, to add that extra bit of warmth to each sip. Our staff would be happy to share their expertise as well home grown spices and herbs which will help you to replicate the dish at home. And maybe sometime you could teach us a thing or two as well… Our staff is eager to learn… Many a time some of our repeat guests, who treat Soulitude as their own home in the hills, have taught our chefs a few recipes that we make especially for them when they are with us. So their stay here actually feels like being at home, away from home! You could do the same!