What to carry with you

  • Guests are advised to carry sun block, sunglasses and sun hats since the sun at 7,000 ft in a clean atmosphere can be surprisingly strong, especially in winters.
  • Guests will require heavy warm woolens during the winter months (temperatures are below freezing during winter nights) and medium to light woolens in the summer/monsoon months since it can get quite cold if the wind blows in from the snowy peaks from the North.
  • Raincoats and umbrellas are advisable during the rainy months.
  • Good hiking boots are highly recommended for your comfort although regular walking shoes will also suffice. Slippery soles are not advisable. An extra pair during monsoons is preferable.
  • A good camera, as Soulitude is really a photographers’ dream !
  • Paints, brushes and notebooks since ideas and inspirations flow freely (many film scripts have been written here).
  • If you would like to fish at Soulitude by the Riverside or at any of theĀ tals, we would recommend that you carry your own equipment, especially flies, plugs and spinners. We do keep some nets and basic tackle, but can’t promise it will match your own.