tripadvisor-rating-excellent Reviewed 24 April 2014

Piyush S
London, UK

This was a great stay. The resort is what it says on the tin. It’s secluded, near a river, with the most amazing view of the mountains.

The staff were great. Very courteous, always willing to serve. The farm around the hotel adds that extra dimension for those minded that way. It was great to eat fresh produce that the staff are very happy to help you pluck/dig.

The walks around the property are brilliant. You can climb the mountains around you. You can walk along the river and come across largely virgin lakes every twenty minutes. Freezing waters but good enough for a brief swim.

The food is very good. Great not to have a fixed menu.

The manager is willing to go more than the extra mile to make your stay enjoyable.

Would go there again.
travelled with family

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