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tripadvisor-rating-verygood Reviewed 5 November 2017

New Delhi, India

Mr Prithvi @ Soulitude in the Himalayas recommended us to visit their other property by the riverside. He told us that we shall be trekking a bit to reach the property but we did not pay any great attention to his comment.

When the cab suddenly took a turn on a dusty kuccha road, we thought that it is a short stretch of bad road. But, it suddenly came to a stop at a dead end next to a picturesque old cantilever bridge. A welcome team from the resort was waiting to escort us to the resort. There was no road per se and we trekked to the resort by crisscrossing the Gola river. While we were mostly unprepared for this adventure, what a great fun it turned out to be!

On reaching the property, welcome drink made with the mint grown in the premises was served and it was one of the best mint coolers we have ever had. It took away all our fatigue. When we were asked whether we are game for another trek to Paritaal, we jumped at it. The trek to Paritaal was more difficult and steeper but we thoroughly enjoyed jumping over the rocks while once again crisscrossing the river.

With all the trekking, our stomachs had started complaining and we had a delicious lunch next to the river. Served in copper plates and cutlery, the starters – baby carrots, grown in the premises, were quickly devoured. It was heavenly! Lunch was homely with low spice/oil levels and we hogged to more than make up all the calories burnt in the trek.

Post-lunch, we took a round of the property and its fruit and vegetable garden. It is a calm and peaceful place and we wished that we had one more day to stay and enjoy the serene riverside. We promised ourselves, next time.

Stayed October 2017, travelled with family

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