Local Mountain Treks

Name Km Time Grade Comments
Tagore Top* 5 2:30mins **** Here one can see the ruins of the home that once housed Rabindranath Tagore – one can still see the fireplace that this great poet must have sat by…..
Mahadevi Verma Sangrahalaya* 3 1:30mins ** Partly on the road and partly through the mountain trails is ideal to initiate the novice!!
Umagarh* 2.5 2hrs *** This quaint little temple set in the hillside will certainly invite you to spend a few quiet moments with yourself. Enroute, the deodhar clearing is also a great place to take a break.
Devi Mandir* 10 4hrs ***** Probably the most strenuous trek, but the rewards are equally attractive –
a 360-degree view of the Himalayas, an old Devi mandir as well as a Shiv mandir and a meeting with an equally ancient baba which makes this trek a memorable experience for anyone who undertakes it!!
* Return Trip