Category: Junior Suite   |   Location: Main House (Ground Floor)

Max Occupancy : 2 1

Key Features

  • Proximity to Common Areas and the Gardens
  • Suitable for Senior Citizen / Limited Mobility (3 steps only)
  • Himalayan View

The Secret Garden is a large room with picture postcard views of the snowclad Himalayas. You can also see the large garden and the old Walnut tree around which the Main House was designed. This room is situated on the ground floor of the Main house and is in close proximity to the Living & Dining rooms. Therefore it is a convenient option for those travelling with toddlers & small children. It can be paired with the “The Master’s Touch”, when 2 rooms are required nearby.

What’s in a Name ?

The names of the rooms at Soulitude in the Himalayas are based on the path of the evolution of the human soul.

One has to be Blessed to embark on the path of spiritual evolution and it is only after an Awakening that the spiritual journey can commence. One then needs The Master’s Touch who lets us into The Secret Garden and equips with with the tools & techniques required to progress on this path, which will lead to a sense of Quietude resulting in one being at Peace with oneself. As one persists on the journey, it eventually leads to Bliss, making life’s moments full of Joy & Delight. Finally, its time for a Celebration of one’s life before achieving Nirvana.

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